Greta Thunberg detained at protest, Iran accuses Prince Harry of ‘war crimes’ | 9 News Australia

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has been detained by German police at a protest over the expansion of a coal mine in the west German village of Lützerath. In other news, Prince Harry has been accused of ‘war crimes’ by the Iran Foreign Ministry, after the Royal revealed he’d killed 25 Taliban fighters in his memoir. Subscribe and 🔔: | Get more breaking news at

0:00 – Greta Thunberg detained at coal mine protest
0:18 – California mudslide
0:40 – Prince Harry accused of ‘war crimes’ by Iran
0:58 – Nepal plane crash investigation
1:19 – Kevin Spacey given lifetime achievement award in Italy
2:00 – Future of Graceland

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