NSW Premier’s Nazi costume admission, Probe into Biden’s classified documents | 9 News Australia

The NSW Premier’s future remains uncertain two months out from the state’s election after a photo of him in Nazi uniform has resurfaced after 20 years. Dominic Perrottet has apologised but communities remain furious. In the US, Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special probe into the President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents during his time as Vice President.

00:00 NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet Nazi photo scandal
01:38 NSW and VIC surgery bungle
3:00 Sydney jogger assault
3:21 Seaworld pilot funeral
3:36 Lisa Marie Presley health report
4:00 Biden special counsel into classified documents
5:50 Alabama tornado destruction
6:04 Flooding and heatwave wild weather
7:31 Airline delays
8:50 Royals refuse to comment on Prince Harry’s new book Spare

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