Prince Harry accuses brother of breaking ‘pact’, Indonesia earthquake | 9 News Australia

Prince Harry has accused his brother, Prince William, of ‘breaking a private pact’, and denied his family is racist during another television interview ahead of the release of his memoir ‘Spare’. In other news, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake has hit Indonesia, with powerful tremors also left in Darwin, Australia. Subscribe and 🔔: | Get more breaking news at

0:00 – Prince Harry accuses brother of breaking “pact”
2:37 – Alleged nail gun attack on M1
3:00 – Indonesia earthquake latest
4:45 – SA flood death
5:00 – Fallen tree wreaks havoc in Sydney
5:14 – PM urges support for Voice to Parliament referendum
7:01 – UK launch failure
7:20 – Unrest in Brazil after riots
7:42 – Former Brazilian President hospitalised

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